What is a Missouri 'Native' Plant?

A Native is a plant that occurs naturally in a particular area that was present prior to European settlement (just over 200 years ago).

Why Buy Missouri Natives?

  • Natives enable gardening without pesticides or fertilizers.
  • Natives don't need as much water as other plants.
  • Natives encourage biodiversity and sustainable landscapes.
  • Natives are necessary for the ecosystem by providing food and shelter for wildlife including insects, butterflies, bees, birds, etc.
  • Natives live for several decades.
  • Natives provide lots of deer resistant choices.
  • Natives are adapted to our poor soils and widely fluctuating climate.

What is a Missouri 'Genetic' Plant?

Plants that are grown from seed from plants that have been in a certain area for at least 200 years

Why Plant Missouri

Soils and climates are different in other states. For example if a plant if from Michigan where the soil is sandy and the summers are not as humid it will not survive as well in our clay soils and humid summers.

Colors can be quite different. For example the Asclepias tuberosa from other states is a much different shade of orange than the Asclepias tuberosa from Missouri.

Fall color on trees and shrubs can be different or nonexistent when the plants come from other states. For example, when they are from Southern states many of them will not change color in the fall.

Plants from other states may not bloom or set fruit as the same plant from Missouri. This means that food is not available to the appropriate wildlife at the right time for its lifecycle.

At Papillon we grow most of our plants so that we can ensure that the genetics are from Missouri and can ensure that our plants will thrive for our customers and help the ecosystem as much as possible. Our plants are also grown without the use of neonicotinoids and the very rare use of any pesticides. We employ the use of natural fertilizer so that it is better for the plant and does not pose any threat to the ground water around us. As an added bonus, we just switched to an all-natural potting soil that does not contain peat moss or any non-degradable materials.